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Effects of Criminal Justice and Police Reforms

In recent years, discussions about stricter penalties and increased police resources to combat crime have intensified, leading to various reforms in Sweden's criminal policy and police. However, debates persist about the effectiveness of these measures.

Project manager
Project participants
Ulrika Ahrsjö, Handelshögskolan i Stockholm

Olof Bäckman, Stockholms universitet

Magdalena Dominguez, London School of Economics

Peter Lindström, Linnéuniversitetet

Susan Niknami, Stockholms universitet

Mårten Palme, Stockholms universitet

Advocates argue that harsh penalties and more police deter crime, while opponents caution against potential unintended consequences. Methodological challenges, like reverse causality and omitted risk factors, complicate assessing the true impact of these policies.

This project, funded by the Swedish Research Council, leverages individual-based data and combines top quantitative crime researchers from diverse fields.

The goal is to inform policymakers about optimal strategies for crime prevention, bridging the gap between research findings and practical application while serving as a hub for collaboration among stakeholders in Sweden's crime research community and beyond.