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Hans Grönqvist


Hans Grönqvist is a Professor in Economics at IFN and the Linnaeus University. He was an Assistant Professor at SOFI, Stockholm University (2009–2014), and an Associate Professor (with tenure) at the Department of Economics, Uppsala University (2014–2021). Hans Grönqvist's research concerns a broad spectrum of issues in labor economics and related fields with a special emphasis on the causes and consequences of criminal behavior. His dissertation received an honorable mention in the Upjohn Institute Dissertation Award. He has previously spent time as a visiting fellow at Harvard University, Princeton University, and University College London. 

IFN Researcher

Hans Grönqvist

070 243 9775
Research interests: Income and wealth inequality, Labor economics, Patents, Segregation, Structural change

Some questions that Hans tries to answer in his research: 

  • The effects of economic crises on firms and career choices
  • The causes and consequences of crime
  • How disadvantaged areas affect the behavior of individuals and firms
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