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Polina Ustyuzhanina

Ph.D. Student

Polina Ustyuzhanina graduated from Örebro University with a master's degree in economics in 2018. She has previously worked as a teaching assistant at the School of Economics at Örebro University and as a consultant in the Department of Trade and Agriculture at the OECD in Paris. Starting from August 2018, Polina is a doctoral student at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Her research interests are environmental economics and international trade as well as the effects of digitalization on the environment.

Affiliated Researcher

Polina Ustyuzhanina

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Uppsala
Research interests: Digitalization, Environment, Globalization, International trade, Trade policy

Some of the questions Polina tries to answer with her research: 

  • Why are Swedish manufacturing firms pollute less?
  • Is Swedish environmental policy effective?
  • How does digitalization affect the environment?
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