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Symposium on Cultures of Trust and Institutions of Freedom (2023)

This 2023 symposium is organized as part of the research project Cultures of Trust and Institutions of Freedom, financed by the John Templeton Foundation. The participating researchers have been commissioned to write papers on the basis of an open call for papers in 2022. They thus participate by personal invitation and will present the commissioned papers on issues relating to the topic of the project. The Research Institute of Industrial Economics is the host institution and extends a warm welcome to Stockholm to all participants!

Research on institutions and trust has grown in recent years. Building on that literature, the research project Cultures of Trust and Institutions of Freedom, financed by the John Templeton Foundation, seeks to answer two basic questions: Can institutions embodying economic freedom contribute to a society of free, responsible, and equal individuals; and how can cultures of trust, that enable peaceful cooperation, self-governance, and human flourishing, emerge and grow?

The main activity for answering these questions is interdisciplinary research firmly grounded in the methods of the quantitative social sciences, informed by the theoretical lens of institutional economics and political economy. Against that background, and to stimulate research by colleagues on topics related to this project, an open call for papers was issued in 2022, which resulted in 12 papers being selected to be written and presented at the symposium.

It takes place from Thursday 30 November until Sunday 3 December, 2023, at the Victory Hotel in the Old Town of Stockholm. It starts with a welcome reception and dinner in the evening of the Thursday and ends with breakfast on the Sunday. During the Friday and Saturday, participants present their papers and discuss those of the others, aiming to improve the quality of their work. 

For more information, see the sections General Information, Participants and Program below.

Welcome to Stockholm!

Organizers: Niclas Berggren and Christian Bjørnskov