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Activities 2006

IFN organizes seminars open to the public. Topics for these are derived from the IFN research. The audience is typically comprised of senior decision makers, experts, and opinion leaders in relevant disciplines.

Research seminars

Brown bag seminars

Conference on Globalization of the Production of Services

On November 20, 2006, the Research Institute of Industrial Economics arranged a conference on globalization of the service production and the conditions for small open economies, such as the Swedish economy. The conference, which assembled leading international researchers as well as Swedish policy debaters, focused on issues as: How does information technology influence the globalization of services and what are the effects for growth and prosperity? Which role is played by national policies and bilateral and multilateral agreements?

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Conference on Globalization and Corporate Restructuring

Vaxholm, 10–11 September 2006. Hosted by Research Institute of Industrial Economics with financial support from the Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg Foundation. Organizers: Katariina Hakkala and Lars Persson, Research Institute of Industrial Economics.

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