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Each presentation should take 20 minutes, followed by 10 minutes of general discussion. 

Updated 15 June, 2022

Wednesday 15 June 

19:00 Opening dinner at the restaurant of Waxholms Hotell (the conference venue)

Thursday 16 June

Breakfast at the hotel restaurant

8:45–8:55 Registration

8:55–9:00 Welcome


Chair: Therese Nilsson

09:00–09:20 Presentation by Robbert Rademakers: "How Racial Measures Affect the Estimation of Racial Inequality" (co-author: André van Hoorn)

09:20–09:30 Discussion

9:30–09:50 Presentation by Olga Popova: "Double-Edged Sword: Persistent Effects of Communist Regime Affiliations on Well-Being and Preferences" (co-authors: Milena Nikolova and Vladimir Otrachshenko)

09:50–10:00 Discussion

10:00–10:30 Coffee


Chair: Niclas Berggren

10:30–10:50 Presentation by Paola Profeta: "Family Culture and Childcare" (co-authors: Francesca Carta and Lorenzo De Masi)

10:50–11:00 Discussion

11:00–11:20 Presentation by Joan Costa-Font: "The Health and Behavioural Effects of Communist Education" (co-authors: Ana Nicinska and Jorge Garcia)

11:20–11:30 Discussion

11:30–11:50 Presentation by Martin Ljunge: "Tolerance Predicts the Integration of Immigrants" (co-authors: Niclas Berggren and Therese Nilsson)

11:50–12:00 Discussion

12:00–13:15 Lunch in the hotel restaurant


Chair: Ann-Sofie Isaksson

13:15–13:35 Presentation by Pierre-Guillaume Méon: "Constituency Size and Perceived Corruption of Government" (co-auhtors: Abel François and Nicolas Lagios)

13:35–13:45 Discussion

13:45–14:05 Presentation by Viola Salvestrini: "Early Exposure to Entrepreneurship and the Creation of Female Entrepreneurs" (co-authors: Mikkel Baggesgaard Mertz and Maddalena Ronchi)

14:05–14:15 Discussion

14:15–14:35 Presentation by Andreas Bergh: "Can Trust Surveys Be Trusted?" (co-authors: Christian Bjørnskov and Richard Öhrvall)

14:35–14:45 Discussion

14:45–15:15 Coffee 


Chair: Christian Bjørnskov

15:15–15:35 Presentation by Eelke de Jong: "Market Exposure and Civic Morality: Cross-Cultural Multilevel Evidence for 96 Countries and 199 Regions" (co-author: Annemiek Schilpzand)

15:35–15:45 Discussion

15:45–16:05 Presentation by Gunes Gokmen: "Traditional Norms and Parental Investment in Human Capital" (co-authors: Steve Berggreen and Jan Bietenbeck)

16:05–16:15 Discussion

16:15-16:35 Presentation by Niclas Berggren: "Does Globalization Suppress Social Trust?" (co-author: Christian Bjørnskov)

16:35–16:45 Discussion

18:30 Meeting in lobby for group photo

18:45–22:00 Dinner during a boat trip in the archipelago

22:00– Informal bar in the conference lounge at the hotel

Friday 17 June

Breakfast at the hotel restaurant


Chair: Martin Ljunge

09:00–09:20 Presentation by Jerg Gutmann: "Measuring Constitutional Loyalty: Evidence from the COVID-19 Pandemic" (co-authors: Roee Sarel and Stefan Voigt)

09:20–09:30 Discussion

09:30–09:50 Presentation by Ann-Sofie Isaksson: "Harmful Norms: Can Social Convention Theory Explain the Persistence of Female Genital Cutting in Africa?" (co-authors: Heather Congdon Ford and Annika Lindskog)

09:50–10:00 Discussion

10:00-10:20 Presentation by Jan Mewes: "Welfare State Design and Generalized Trust in 30 European Countries, 2002–2018"

10:20–10:30 Discussion

10:30–11:00 Coffee                               


Chair: Andreas Bergh

11:00–11:20 Presentation by Christian Bjørnskov: "Freedom of Expression and Social Conflict" (co-author: Jacob Mchangama)

11:20–11:30 Discussion

11:30–11:50 Presentation by Therese Nilsson: "Political Representation and Investments in Education: Sweden in 1930–1949" (co-authors: Diem Hoang and Martin Karlsson) 

11:50–12:00 Discussion

12:00–13:15 Lunch in the hotel restaurant


Chair: Jerg Gutmann

13:15–13:35 Presentation by Erwin Dekker: "The Hustler Ethic: Economic Action by Any Means Necessary" (co-author: Pavel Kuchař)

13:35–13:45 Discussion

13:45–14:05 Presentation by Heather Congdon Fors: "Changing Social Conventions: Long-Run Impacts of the Earliest Campaigns against Female Genital Cutting" (co-authors: Ann-Sofie Isaksson and Annika Lindskog)

14:05–14:15 Discussion

14:15 End of conference

14:20− Taxi to the airport (for those who fly back on Friday 17 June; we will try to coordinate the ordering of taxis)


15:10 Boat trip to Stockholm for those who will stay in or travel onwards from Stockholm