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IFN Conference in Honor of Magnus Henrekson: Entrepreneurship, Human Capital, and Collaborative Innovation Blocs, August 22–23, 2022

Professor Magnus Henrekson stepped down as CEO for IFN in 2020. In honor of Magnus’ considerable academic achievements, IFN organizes an intimate workshop conference. The topic – “Entrepreneurship, Human Capital, and Collaborative Innovation Blocs” – reflects some of Magnus’ core research interests. They are also issues of great relevance to stakeholders in Sweden’s industrial sector.

These research frontiers are fast developing, and more theoretical and empirical research is needed. The workshop intends to delve into issues such as: How does entrepreneurial human capital differ from the human capital of other individuals? What complementary skills do entrepreneurs require to realize their projects, and what are the greatest obstacles? Can entrepreneurship make political systems more resilient?

The international two-day conference gathers world-leading researchers in Vaxholm outside Stockholm on August 22–23, 2022, to discuss a good mixture of theoretical, empirical, and policy-focused contributions.

The conference is by invitation only and is arranged under the auspices of IFN’s research program The Economics of Entrepreneurship. 

Organizers: Niklas Elert, Lars Persson och Fredrik Sjöholm. For more information, contact the organizers through Niklas Elert.