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Per Hjertstrand

Associate Professor

Per Hjertstrand has a Ph.D. degree in Economics from Lund University 2008. Between 2008 and 2012 he was a teacher and researcher at the Department of Economics at Lund University. During this period, he was also a frequent visitor and teacher at Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki.


Affiliated Researcher

Per Hjertstrand

Research interests: Behavioral economics, Consumption, Econometrics

Among the questions that Per Hjertstrand tries to answer with his research:

  • Is it possible to test whether firms maximize profits and minimize costs? If so, how are these hypotheses tested?
  • If it can be tested, does data show that firms efficiently maximize profits and minimize costs?
  • How to test if individuals/households maximize utility when consuming goods and services?
  • Does data show that individuals/households efficiently maximize utility?
  • What kind of information and how much information about the preferences of individuals, households and firms can be found in consumption and production data?
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