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Policy Seminar: Is the Market Economy Culturally Harmful?

The merits and faults of the market economy have been debated for a long time, often with strong ideological overtones. Nowadays, most people would agree that the market economy is capable of creating more prosperity than other economic systems – but what about other consequences? Many seem to believe that markets are harmful to social cohesion in a society, as they are thought to be based on competition and greed; and others argue that market mechanisms are particularly detrimental to the living conditions and well-being of women.

07 March
08.30 - 10.30
IFN and via Zoom

At the policy seminar, research results related to these questions will be presented:

  • Does increased globalization decrease social trust?
  • How is women´s life satisfaction affected by more market-oriented policies and institutions compared to men?

Speakers: Niclas Berggren, IFN, and Christian Bjørnskov, Aarhus University and IFN, who have examined these issues within the framework of a research project funded by the John Templeton Foundation, which is also supporting this policy seminar.

The panel: Johanna Möllerström, Professor of Economics, George Mason University and IFN (participates via Zoom); Ulrica Schenström, CEO, Fores; and Karin Svanborg-Sjövall, State Secretary, Ministry of Culture.

Moderator: Karin Margret Edmark, Associate Professor of Economics, Stockholm University.

Please note that the seminar will be conducted in English due to Christian Bjørnskov's participation (via Zoom).

08.30 AM Registration and coffee/tea with a sandwich
09.00 AM Seminar begins
  – Niclas Berggren and Christian Bjørnskov begin by presenting their studies
  – Comments from the panel
  – Questions from the audience (only from those present on site)
10.30 AM Seminar ends

The last day for registration is March 1, 2024. Registration

There is a limited number of places for attending in person. If you register but cannot attend, we would be grateful for a message so that someone else can get your place.

Contact: Niclas Berggren, 

Policy seminar

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