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Lovisa Persson


Lovisa Persson defended her thesis on the effects of politics and fiscal institutions on local public finances at Uppsala University in the autumn of 2015. At IFN she primarily works within two research projects. One project is financed by The Swedish Research Council and concerns the effects of competition between preschools on workers, children and segregation. The other project is financed by The Swedish Research Council On Health, Working Life and Welfare and concerns digital time tracking and night monitoring in home care. 

Affiliated Researcher

Lovisa Persson

Kristianstad University
Research interests: Digitalization, Political economy, Privatization, Public economics, Publicly funded services

Vetenskapsrådet 2018-04714

Choice and Competition in the Swedish Preschool Sector: Impact on Employees and Segregation

The market-based reforms of the early 1990s introduced parental choice and private provider competition into the Swedish preschool sector. Our project studies this development with particular focus on i) the effects for the preschool workforce, and ii) the consequences of parents’ preschool choices. We apply advanced empirical methods on detailed register data in order to estimate causal effects of choice and competition.

Forte 2023-00172

Welfare technology and digital time measurement in Swedish home care for the elderly

In this project we pose the following main question: what are the effects of welfare technology and digitalisation in Swedish elderly care? We also pose a number of subquestions:

  • How can we describe users of remote night monitoring in terms of health profile and other characteristics?
  • What are the effects of remote night monitoring on the health of the elderly?
  • What are the effects of Electronic Performance Monitoring (EPM) on workers?
  • What role does administrative capacity play for the implementation of welfare technologies?
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