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Jannis Angelis

Associate Professor

Jannis Angelis was a permanent researcher at IFN 2013-2015 and an affiliated researcher 2016-2021. Jannis received his Ph.D. in Business Administration at the University of Cambridge in 2000 with a focus on flexible production. For some time he worked at a VC firm in London before returning to Cambridge as a researcher and teacher. Since 2011 he is also at KTH, Stockholm.


Jannis Angelis main research interests included perations strategy, service design, behavioural operations and operational risk. 

In his research Jannis Angelis has explored strategy at Harvard, flexibility and productivity in knowledge-intensive firms at Stanford and Berkeley, the human side lean at Cambridge, and high performance organisations at Oxford and MIT. Further, he has also studied the developments in China. Professional roles include work with ITC (WTO) and the ILO (UN).

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