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Emil Bustos


Emil Bustos defended his thesis Essays on Firms' Hiring, Investment and Risk Management Decisions in May 2022 at the Stockholm School of Economics. His research is focused on applied microeconomics, labor economics, and business finance. Emil is particularly interested in the importance of collective agreements and credit markets for companies' investment and employment decisions.

IFN Researcher

Emil Bustos

+46 (0)8 665 4523
Research interests: Corporate finance, Economic growth, Industrial economics, Innovation, Labor economics, Minimum wages, Technological change

Some questions Emil Bustos tries to answer in his research:

  • How do trade unions and centrally negotiated wages affect companies' hiring and investment decisions?
  • What does the difficulty in obtaining bank loans mean for the ability of small businesses to grow and manage risk?
  • How can companies recover after suffering negative shocks?
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