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  • Erik Prawitz winner of prestigious prize

    Erik Prawitz winner of prestigious prize


    The Alexander Gerschenkron Prize 2018 is awarded to Erik Prawitz, IFN, for the best dissertation in the economic history of an area outside of the United States or Canada. The prize is awarded by the Economic History Association and was announced during the weekend. The title of Prawitz's thesis was On the Move: Essays on the Economic and Political Development of Sweden, including Swedish mass migration to the US. He is the first Swede to receive the prizse.


  • Blog post: How the Market Can Help Break the Glass Ceiling

    Blog post: How the Market Can Help Break the Glass Ceiling


    In a new study Fredrik Heyman, Pehr-Johan Norbäck and Lars Persson, IFN, investigates how product market competition and gender-specific management career hurdles affect the gender wage gap for managers.  The paper is presented in a blog post at University of Chicago Booth School of Business. The findings suggest that increased product market competition may not only boost the wages of female managers but also improve overall efficiency.

  • Lottery winners live a happier life!

    Lottery winners live a happier life!


    Justin Wolfers, professor of economics and public policy at the University of Michigan, writes a column in the New York Times about research by David Cesarini, New York University and affiliated to IFN, Erik Lindqvist, Stockholm School of Economics and affiliated to IFN, and Robert Östling, Stockholm University. They show that lottery winners live a happier life, contrary to what many previously believed. Cesarini explains that there is a “widespread misperception that science has proved that winning the lottery often makes people miserable.” Wolfers writes that "these effects are remarkably durable. They were still evident up to two decades after a big win. (The researchers lacked the data to trace out even longer-term consequences.)"

  • Nordic researchers launched broad cooperation

    Nordic researchers launched broad cooperation


    August 17-18 IFN hosted the inaugural conference of the Nordic Initiative for Corporate Economics (NICE). NICE will organize a series of conferences to bring together leading scholars located in the Nordic countries or with Nordic. Uniting the researchers is their interest in understanding the corporation, whether this may be from the perspective of accounting, corporate finance, trade economics, labor economics, or industrial organization. 

  • Establishing

    Establishing "corporate economics"


    In the process of founding Nordic Initiative for Corporate Economics, NICE, Alexander Ljungqvist and Lars Persson have coined the term “corporate economics.” When opening the conference August 17, Ljungqvist explained that “each of us here studies the corporation within the context of our various economic specialties. Our aim at this conference is to establish common ground that bridges our specialties, or what we call corporate economics". Ljungqvist said that by interacting and sharing various perspectives, it is his hope that the researchers will enrich the economic study of corporations.

  • "Now I have a good understanding of a researcher’s job"


    Data processing is a major and central part of a researcher's everyday life, which Helena Hernnäs and Viking Waldén have learned during the summer of 2018 when they worked as research assistants at IFN. Both are happy with their time at IFN. They say that the atmosphere is open and welcoming and that they have gained good insights into what it means to be a researcher.

  • New platform for cooperation in Corporate Economics

    New platform for cooperation in Corporate Economics


    The study of corporations is fragmented across various branches of economics and management science (such as industrial organization, accounting, and entrepreneurship), each of which approaches the study of corporations from a different perspective. The lack of an organized way of interacting and learning from each other is perceived as an obstacle for the development of these research fields. “We aim to change this by introducing the Nordic Initiative for Corporate Economics, NICE,” said Professor Lars Persson, IFN, who in cooperation with Professor Alexander Ljungqvist, Stockholm’s School of Economics and affiliated to IFN, has instigated the new network.


  •  Research quoted in the Economist

    Research quoted in the Economist


    Economist writes about the welfare state of tomorrow, today and int he future and finds that the criticisms are growing, both right and left: "On the right, critics accuse it of sucking the dynamism from capitalism and individuals alike." The left, as seen in the grainy nostalgia [...] lays claim to the welfare state as a left-wing creation, and thinks it is under unceasing threat." Economist states that "It is not so much a left-wing creation as a product of an intellectual coalition, in which the critical strand was liberalism". And, the article refers to research by Andreas Bergh and Magnus Henrekson, IFN.

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Research Fellow

Lovisa Persson

Subject areas: Digitalization, political economics, privatization, public economics and publicly funded services

One of the questions that Lovisa Persson tries to answer with her research:

  • What determines productivity in home care services for the elderly?

IFN Newsletter

Newsletter 1-2018


Fit for management? How good health helps your career

There is a well-known positive association between job status and health. The relationship has been taken as evidence of how the work environment shapes health. But newly published research from the Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN) and the London School of Economics (LSE) establishes an effect in the opposite direction. It finds that better health increases the likelihood of being a supervisor, as well as having more autonomy and more influence at the workplace.

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Global Award

Research on entrepreneurship




The Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research is the foremost global award for research on entrepreneurship.This Prize is awarded annually with a prize sum of EUR 100,000.

IFN in cooperation with Entreprenörskapsforum and Vinnova are the principals of the award, in cooperation with the donor, Stockholms Köpmansklubb.

Professor Olav Sorenson, Yale, is the winner of the Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research 2018. 

Interdisciplinary European Studies

Trust in the European Union in Challenging Times


This is the first book in the Interdisciplinary European Studies collection. This volume provides an interdisciplinary perspective on trust in the EU from the vantage point of political science, law and economics. Lars Oxelheim, Lund University and affiliated to IFN, is one of the authors.

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