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Below you will find news that in one way or the other involves IFN and our research and/or researchers. For news in Swedish concerning Swedish activities, please visit our Swedish website.

Latest news
7 July 2021

New book on Bitcoin

Bitcoin is neither money, a financial asset nor digital gold. Instead, it should be seen as an open Ponzi scheme, argue Roger Svensson, IFN , and Bob Seeman, the authors of the new book Bitcoin: Unlicensed Gambling.

11 May 2021

Renewing IFN

Digitization, migration, and the Covid crisis have brought on a rapid change in the Swedish business sector. To better respond to the need for high-quality analysis of the various factors relevant to the function of the business sector, IFN is developing two of its research programs.

5 May 2021

Nomination for Antitrust Writing Awards

IFN researcher Henrik Horn's paper  ”International Jurisdiction over Standard-Essential Patents” is nominated for the Antitrust Writing Awards 2021.  The Award is issued by Concurrence and George Washington University. The paper is nominated within the category Intellectual Property and is one of ten nominated papers.

6 April 2021

Privatizing Welfare Services reviewed

The new book Privatizing Welfare Services: Lessons from the Swedish Experiment, by IFN researchers Mårten Blix and Henrik Jordahl, is reviewed by professor Diane Coyle in her blog The Enlightened Economist.

12 March 2021

Increased Research Output

IFN's research output has increased greatly compared to the early 2000s. In 2020 87 journal articles and book chapters were published in IFN’s digital reprint series. That is the highest number in a single year in the institute’s history.

10 February 2021

The EU and the Technology Shift

The technology shift is posing several challenges to the EU. The new book The European Union and the Technology Shift is exploring these challenges from an economic, judicial, and political point of view.

26 January 2021

IFN researchers on firm R&D investment

Matilda Orth, IFN, and Florin Maican, affiliated to the IFN, have written a column on the dynamic impact of exporting on firm R&D investment in Vox EU. Together with their co-authors Mark Roberts, Pennsylvania State University, and Van Anh Vuong, Maastricht University, they use a structural framework to estimate the returns to innovation investments and analyze the impact of trade of those returns.

One of their conclusions is that the long payoff to R&D investment is higher for firms that are active and operate more intensively in export markets.


Read their column here

2 November 2020

Fredrik Sjöholm new CEO of the IFN

Today Fredrik Sjöholm starts his new position as CEO of IFN. He succeeds Magnus Henrekson, who has been the CEO for the past 15 years. Fredrik Sjöholm is recruited from Lund University, where he held a position as a Professor of International Economics.


29 October 2020

Building bridges and challenging conventions: New book about IFN

The Research Institute of Industrial Economics, IFN, was founded in 1939. It grew into Sweden's largest institute for applied economic research on issues relevant to trade and industry. Fourteen years ago, IFN started a project documenting its' history. One of the books written as a part of this project was Anders Johnson's Building Bridges and challenging conventions: IFN 1939 – 2012. The book has been revised by author and journalist Elisabeth Precht, former Communications officer at  IFN. The new book describes the years from 2012 to 2020.


14 October 2020

IFN-research is being noticed in the Portuguese Parliament

Male same-sex couples are being discriminated against on the Portuguese rental market. This is shown by IFN researchers Niclas Berggren and Therese Nilsson and their co-author Filipe Gouveia in an article recently accepted for publication in the Journal of Housing Economics. The study has impacted Portugal: One of the Portuguese Parliament parties is bringing a discussion point to the national parliament on discrimination in the housing market, using the study to validate further the need to discuss the subject.

The researchers are conducting a field experiment on the rental markets in Lisbon and Porto. Read the study here.

14 September 2020

Does economic freedom make us more tolerant?

The market economy often affects trust and tolerance in society, but the market economy can also lead to a lowering of tolerance. It can also drive antisemitic perceptions. These are the findings in Niclas Berggren and Therese Nilsson’s research. They are the authors of one of the chapters in this year’s Economic Freedom of the World Report. An annual report published by the Fraser Institute. The report presents data on the amount of economic freedom of the world.

29 August 2020

In memory of Assar Lindbeck

On 28 August 2020, we were reached by the sad news that professor Assar Lindbeck has passed away. His contributions to Swedish Economic research and to the Swedish public debate are outstanding. For many years Assar Lindbeck was a researcher at IIES, Stockholm University, and since 1995  he divided his time between IIES and IFN. He was also a researcher at our predecessor IUI for two earlier periods.  He devoted his life to economic research. Only two weeks prior to his death, at the age of 90, a paper of his was accepted by the European Economic Review.

17 August 2020

IFN is hosting the first European conference of the Labor and Finance Group

IFN is hosting the Labor and Finance Group conference on August 17th and 18th. Due to the pandemic, the conference will be all digital. The Labor and Finance Group is an initiative to bring together academics working at the intersection of finance, labor economics, and personnel economics.

Topics such as private equity buyouts and their effects on employee health, whether executives are short in supply or not,  and the impact on workers of firm-level uncertainty shocks will be discussed on Monday. On Tuesday research on ownership, control and careers, wealth shocks, workplace automation and corporate financial policy, and house price booms will be presented.

10 August 2020

Niclas Berggren Reviewer of the Year

Niclas Berggren, IFN, has been awarded ”Reviewer of the Year” by Journal of Institutional Economics. The award is a recognition of Niclas' work in   reviewing contributions  submitted to the journal. Niclas is one of two prize winners, in addition to him the prize also goes to Frank Decker.





24 June 2020

Fredrik Sjöholm new CEO of IFN

The board of IFN has appointed Fredrik Sjöholm, professor of International Economics at Lund University as the new CEO of IFN. He replaces Magnus Henrekson who after 15 successful years has asked to leave his position.

19 May 2020

Entrepreneurship is a key player when solving the European crisis

The new book The Entrepreneurial Society – A Reform Strategy for Italy, Germany and the UK offers a unique toolbox for solving the innovation crisis in Europe. The tools might be even more relevant post-covid-19. Mikael Stenkula, IFN, is one of the authors.