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Axess Magasin

Train for Work

Henrekson, Magnus (2014). ”Train for Work”. Axess Magasin 13(1).

Magnus Henrekson

No concept has been more significant than ‘social exclusion’ over the last ten years of political debate. Over the decade before that, it was ‘health-schools- social care’ at the centre during several election campaigns. An adequate proportion of voters could be intimidated from voting bourgeois with the argument that ”the bourgeoisie would dismantle welfare” if they came to power. Social exclusion became the battering ram that broke the social democratic power hegemony and paved the way for the new Moderates, led by the duo of Reinfeldt and Borg. This would hardly have succeeded if there were no substance behind the concept. The statistics showed that social exclusion, conservatively estimated, included nearly one million people and, with a broader definition, could total over a million and a half.